New On-Site Dental Service

Affordable dental service, provided by Forget-Me-Not Dental Hygiene, is now available

The facility has created an exciting new partnership with Forget-Me-Not Dental Hygiene Service and now offers affordable ”on-site” dental hygiene treatment for all of our residents, it’s even cheaper than going to a dental office.

Jennifer Halls is the dental hygienist that has joined our team of core providers and she is very enthusiastic about helping our residents maintain good oral health.The need for dental hygiene treatment increases dramatically when a person is admitted into a care facility. The service that Jennifer provides will help to monitor the condition of our residents teeth and gums and instruct the facility care staff on how best to control bacteria with brushing and flossing.

It is important to note that in Canada, there are over 500 different medications that cause dry mouth. Most seniors take at least one or two of these medications rendering their mouth very dry and prone to “root decay”. This problem is the primary reason teeth break off at the gumline leaving a painful nerve exposed.

The dental hygiene team of Forget-Me-Not Dental Hygiene Service will assess the condition of your loved ones mouth to determine their oral health needs. The hygienist will gently remove the bacteria around their teeth and gums to ensure a healthy oral environment. The removal of these harmful toxins will decrease the likelihood of dental disease.

It has been well documented that the bacteria in the mouth has been linked to heart disease, diabetes and internal organ dysfunction. The dental hygienist will playa crucial role in keeping our residents healthy and thriving.

The dental hygiene service offers a full range of treatment options for each resident. The dental treatment is done right in the resident’s room, this helps to eliminate unnecessary travel to a dental office.

The facility is once again ”raising the bar” when it comes to health care services provided onsite for our residents in care. We are encouraging families to sign the attached treatment consent and return it to the nurses station, so Jennifer can help your loved ones maintain their teeth and gums.

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