No Visitors Due To Flu Outbreak

Dear Families and Friends,

Arrowsmith Lodge will remain closed to visitors throughout the weekend for the safety of the residents, families, and the community.

We have been able to contain the outbreak quite well and have many residents who either are now or have remained symptom free.

For your own safety and the well-being of the residents we ask that you not visit the Lodge or take anyone out to the community at this time. Although your loved one may be symptom free at the moment it would be devastating to the community should they leave and unlmowingly spread any illness.

We appreciate how difficult it can be not to be able to visit your loved ones and will notify families and friends immediately upon the lifting of the visitation ban.

Thank you for your commitment and assistance in keeping our residents safe. If you have any questions please feel free to contact either myself at 250-248-4331 Local 301 (Monday – Friday) or Tom Patterson at local 106 (Monday – Thursday).


Deanna Smith

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