Family Council

What is a Family Council?

The council is a forum for families and supportive friends of residents in long term care to share experiences, learn and exchange information. A family council provides a valuable mechanism for dialogue, support, education and processing concerns.

Why have a Family Council?

People admitted to residential care are older and more physically and mentally frail than they have been in the past. In addition, an increasing number of younger people, who may be experiencing the progression of degenerative diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, or who have suffered severe debilitating injuries, are also calling residential care facilities home.

The council works to address issues of concern to residents that the residents may have difficulty handling themselves.

How can a Family Council help?

The council helps connect families, friends and care facility staff and fosters a collaborative approach to improving the quality of care and life in the facility. The family council provides:

  • A supportive environment to share experiences with people who have similar interests and concerns;
  • A voice to represent the needs of the elders;
  • The opportunity to network with other family councils, share ideas and learn from their successes;
  • Orientation and support for new families to help them understand the care facility environment;
  • A way to facilitate communication between families and the care facility;
  • An opportunity to provide input to the development of policies and special programs at the care facility and to participate in standing or ad hoc facility committees such as the food committee, housekeeping committee or accreditation committee.

Each family council develops in its own way, but all family councils are:

  • Organized and run by relatives and friends of the residents;
  • Recognized as a legitimate body by management and staff of the facility;
  • Supported by a staff advisor/liaison who assists the council but is not a member;
  • Inclusive–the membership is open to all family members and supportive friends of the residents.

For More Information

For more information, please contact the Administrator: 250-248-4331 Ext. 301