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For example, paxil tends to cause the most weight gain. Wellbutrin tends to cause the most weight loss. The ssri's like paxil, zoloft, celexa and lexapro tend to ... 1 Answer - Posted in: weight loss, phentermine - Answer: Ran a check of the Interactions Checker & this was reported: Applies to: ... Personally I think there are way too many side effects of at least the phentermine , The wellbutrin I have only a small amt of experience with for weight loss . A Major Drug Interaction exists between phentermine and Wellbutrin XL. View detailed information regarding this drug interaction. I am currebtly taking wellbutrin, but it is making me hungry!! Does anyone know if you can take phentermine along with wellbutrin? I have one dr. that I am currently taking Wellbutrin XL 150mg. I went onto Drugs.com and it said that there is a major interaction with Phentermine. Something to do with seizures Jerry Darm, M.D. is a physician in the Portland, Oregon area who has used the combination of phentermine and Wellbutrin for weight loss. Larry Hobbs spoke to Dr. Darm ... I am taking citalopram, wellbutrin and phentermine My weight is going up and I am sweating all the time. is it because of this combo of meds? What can I take f... Is it safe to combine wellbutrin, L-Tyrosine,and Phentermine? Are there any adverse drug interactions? Thanks for your reply This topic is answered by a medical expert.

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