Arrowsmith Lodge

Opened in 2005, Arrowsmith Lodge is a 75-bed long term care facility located in a park-like setting just a short stroll away from Cokely Manor, the assisted living facility, also located in our Campus of Care. The pleasant surroundings are planted with fruit trees and evergreens, a spacious lawn area, wheelchair accessible paths and convenient benches placed throughout.

To create a sense of welcome when their loved one arrives at their room, families are encouraged to help set up a small memorabilia cabinet located on the wall outside the room. Each cabinet is fitted with a plexiglass display frame to house a ‘Collage of Memories’. This is just one of the ways, we help residents feel at home at Arrowsmith Lodge.

Our Vision

To provide a home with exceptional care, where people can live their best life.

Coming Home to Arrowsmith Lodge

Arrowsmith Neighbourhoods

Emphasizing spaciousness and natural light, the lodge is divided into five neighbourhoods: Arbutus Avenue, Birch Boulevard, Cottonwood Close, Dogwood Drive and Evergreen Place.

Each neighbourhood has a common area with comfortable seating, a large TV and fireplace as well as a more private, smaller, separate seating area. There is access to a secure courtyard from each common area.

There are separate dining areas for each neighbourhood. Our menu changes regularly and all dietary needs are assessed by our Dietitian.

We also have a private family dining area that can be reserved to celebrate special occasions with your loved one. Our staff can assist you with preparations.

Cozy Rooms

Every resident has their own room with private bathroom. The rooms are furnished with a wardrobe, dresser, night table and bed.

Cable TV and private telephone connections are available. All rooms have a large window with a view of the grounds or the courtyards. There are lifts in the rooms to assist with care giving.

We encourage families to help personalize the resident’s room. There is the opportunity to create a sense of ‘coming home’ or a ‘welcome’ for each resident when they arrive at their room by using the small memorabilia cabinet located on the wall outside each room; each door has a plexiglass display frame for a ‘Collage of Memories’ (see our Welcome Package, pg 16). Our Activities staff would be happy to assist you in creating a collage for your loved one.

Scheduled Activities

A variety of activities are available for the residents. Day-to-day programs are displayed on the activity boards and monthly calendars are posted in the neighbourhoods.

Music is a key ingredient of Arrowsmith’s relaxed atmosphere. Many local musicians provide entertainment regularly and the ‘soft melodies of music from times gone by’ can be heard throughout the Lodge.

We also have a weekly Happy Hour for residents and family members, join us.

Please review the information provided in this section of the website and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask our staff.

Download our Welcome Package for more details and guidelines on living at Arrowsmith Lodge.

Some Services and Programs Offered at Arrowsmith Lodge

  • respite care
  • adult day care and activities
  • restaurant services for local seniors
  • hairdresser/barber shop
  • foot care nurse
  • oral hygienist
  • occupational and physiotherapists

Understanding that seniors cherish their independence, safety and comfort, Arrowsmith Rest Home Society is committed to providing:

  • compassionate, skilled care
  • specialty beds, commodes and bathing equipment
  • excellent food
  • recreation and entertainment
  • buses with escorts
    – allowing our residents to attend functions outside their home
    – bringing seniors to our “Campus of Care” for meals and socialization
Musical Guests

Music is a key ingredient of Arrowsmith’s relaxed atmosphere.


The FIRST step for moving into Arrowsmith Lodge is to determine your eligibility.

A Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) Long Term Care Case Manager will determine if a person qualifies for long term care.

If you do not currently have a VIHA Long Term Care Case Manager, you can get more information by phoning the Vancouver Island Health Authority — 250-951-9550.

Residents Bill of Rights

  1. An adult person in care has the right to a care plan developed:
    A. specifically for him or her, and
    B. on the basis of his or her unique abilities, physical, social and emotional needs, and cultural and spiritual preferences
  1. An adult person in care has the right to the protection and promotion of his or her health, safety and dignity, including a right to all of the following:
    A. to be treated in a manner, and to live in an environment, that promotes his or her health, safety and dignity;
    B. to be protected from abuse and neglect;
    C. to have his or her lifestyle and choices respected and supported, and to pursue social, cultural, religious, spiritual and other interests;
    D. to have his or her personal privacy respected, including in relation to his or her records, bedroom, belongings and storage spaces;
    E. to receive visitors and to communicate with visitors in private;
    F. to keep and display personal possessions, pictures and furnishings in his or her bedroom.
  1. An adult person in care has the right to participate in his or her own care and to freely express his or her views, including a right to all of the following:
    A. to participate in the development and implementation of his or her care plan;
    B. to establish and participate in a resident or family council to represent the interests of persons in care;
    C. to have his or her family or representative participate on a resident or family council on their own behalf;
    D. to have access to a fair and effective process to express concerns, make complaints or resolve disputes within the facility;
    E. to be informed as to how to make a complaint to an authority outside the facility;
    F. to have his or her family or representative exercise the rights under this clause on his or her behalf.
  1. An adult person in care has the right to transparency and accountability, including a right to all of the following:
    A. to have ready access to copies of all laws, rules and policies affecting a service provided to him or her;
    B. to have ready access to a copy of the most recent routine inspection record made under the Act;
    C. to be informed in advance of all charges, fees and other amounts that he or she must pay for accommodation and services received through the facility;
    D. if any part of the cost of accommodation or services is prepaid, to receive at the time of prepayment a written statement setting out the terms and conditions under which a refund may be made;
    E. to have his or her family or representative informed of the matters described in this clause.
  1. The rights set out in clauses 2, 3 and 4 are subject to:
    A. what is reasonably practical given the physical, mental and emotional circumstances of the person in care;
    B. the need to protect and promote the health or safety of the person in care or another person in care, and
    C. the rights of other persons in care.

These rights are posted pursuant to section 7 (1)(c.1)(ii) of the Community Care and Assisted Living Act