Arrowsmith Lodge and Cokely Manor are the only not for profit care homes in the Oceanside area. Funding from the BC Ministry of Health provides basic care and services for our residents. However, there is still much to be done to provide comforts that our seniors deserve.

We’re asking you to partner with us in delivering the best care for Seniors in OUR community

An approach to care that supports the WHOLE person, not just medical needs , but attention given to the mental,  emotional, and social needs. 

We are hoping you will partner with us as a Monthly Donor

  • $25/month supports certified Art Therapy/Music Therapy programs focused on dementia and mental health needs
  • $50/month can help improve access to outdoor spaces and horticultural programs, removing mobility barriers
  • consider $100/month to help ensure maintenance, replacement, & acquisition of vital equipment (overhead ceiling lifts, alternating pressure mattresses)

Tax Deductible Receipt issued