If you are an amazing human who wants to make money working for an amazing organization then keep reading! The award-winning Arrowsmith Lodge and Cokely Manor continue to be Oceanside’s premier providers of long-term care and assisted living residences. Our mission is “to provide a home with exceptional care where people can live their best life”.  We want to bring people on board who take pride in their work – people who will not only share our mission but will also help guide us forward, “to infinity and beyond”.

We want you to thrive as part of our Team. Are you a caring, team-oriented, compassionate, conscientious, and flexible worker? Do you like to laugh and have fun at work? Do you feel fulfilled by giving back to your community? Are you energized by learning and applying the latest ways to improve safety? Do you like to eat and put gas in your car? Are you tired of working for companies that are more concerned with their profits than their people? Do you want to grow as a professional in your field? Are competitive wages and benefits important to you?

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