People caring for People

A Spa day is a great way to enjoy some self-care. Focusing some of our time and resources on ourselves, to relax, to enjoy some of our interests, and explore ways to feel rejuvenated, self-care, is an integral part of our overall well-being. But what happens when we can no longer care for ourselves and need to start relying on others?

Person-centered care is our focus at Arrowsmith. We are working with tenants, residents, and their families, to understand and support individual needs. If music is an integral part of a resident’s life, it will be helpful to integrate music into their daily care. Someone who has been a pet owner, with a deep sense of purpose related to caring for an animal, misses those daily interactions. We can support these needs through enhanced programming, special events, outings, gardening clubs, pet visitation, and our version of Spa days! We have an in-house hairdresser, have a team for manicures, foot care, and more.

As a non-profit care facility we rely on the support of our greater community to deliver this level of quality care to those entrusted to us. We need your help. Partner with us as a monthly donor.

Be part of the team delivering quality person-centered care to those in long-term care and assisted living.